The #1 Truth in a World of Change

As the world around us changes, instability abounds. The world may very well never be the same.

And yet, despite all this change, it is comforting to remember what has not changed. 

In a world of change, one constant remains.

That is the constant of You.

YOU: The Spiritual Being; the life-force;  the energizer. (Alan C. Walter)

This reminds me of the timeless wisdom: “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.”

You have a choice, you can spend your time trying to change your outer world, trying to avoid germs or fear based news or lockdowns or economic disasters or you can simply change your perceptions of the changing world.

It is much easier to change your perceptions then it is to change the outside world. The key to do this is presence. 

PRESENCE is best defined as You, the spiritual or god-like Being, being fully, aware, and at  the optimum mood level, here.

Increase your presence and miracles will happen.

Go create miracles.

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About author Jeff Crippen

Jeff Crippen is a Coach, Trainer and Chiropractor with a passion to help individuals unlock their potential and create the life they want. As a coach and trainer, Jeff has helped individuals, teams and groups on six continents unlock their potential through personalized coaching, dynamic trainings and transformational teaching. Through specialized processes and proprietary technologies, he empowers others to transform their lives by living life “In The Zone.” As a healthcare professional, Dr. Jeff has built a growing 100% patient pay, nutritional practice in Saint Jo and Gainesville by finding what his patients want, and helping them achieve their goals through nutritional care.