We have helped thousands of people create and live better lives and reach their visions, and emotional, mental and physical goals with our positive training and coaching.

Blair Singer
“If it is possible to have a secret weapon, unfair advantage or a true edge in business, relationships, wealth or simple peace of mind……the coaching and training work provided by ACLC (the Ranch) is it.

My ability to create reach in over 20 countries around the world, work with hundreds of thousands of individuals, contribute my greatest self to the greatest number of people and to continually master any and all challenges that come my way is a direct result of working with ACLC.

My abilities to perceive opportunities, resolve issues, strengthen relationships have grown by leaps and bounds.

Most importantly, ACLC has and continues to help me unfold and reveal the best of me. Every interaction allows my spirit to be bigger and my abilities and powers to be stronger. It seems that there is no issue too large or goal to big with the coaching that I get. The love, wealth and joy in my life continues to accelerate with my work with ACLC.”

Blair Singer Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Father and Husband
Rigoberto Acosta
“Being helped by the Coaches of ACLC has been an amazing experience. Definitely, their technology to increase power, wealth and happiness works effectively. I am truly happy after their help to regain my hidden abilities to enjoy life and expand my leadership.”
Rigoberto Acosta Master Business Coach, Mexico
Raúl Fernando Rivera
“I have been in the direct selling industry for 11 years now and exposed to many different techniques and methodologies in my quest for the recovery of my full potential. In 2008 that quest ended when I was introduced to Ceil Stanford, David Nelson and this wonderful technology, this has given me the confidence, the skills, the knowledge and the power to create bigger games, and also to face and solve bigger problems with less stress with optimum outcomes. This is by far the best investment I have done and the one that I will always keep no matter what.”
Raúl Fernando Rivera Director of Expansion, Entrepreneur, Mexico
David Pritchett
“I have learned more in 7 days at the Ranch than a lifetime of struggle if I had not gone. I think differently, I have more energy and time, I am happier and wealthier. The power in Knowledge is untapped until you know.”
David Pritchett Business Owner, USA & South Africa
Rita Khagram
“Life skills training has given me ways to stay focused and progress and I highly recommend it to all.  The  Health skills helped balance all areas of my well being.  Taking the Life Zone Profile is a must; it shows you which zone you are operating from and it was amazing how I went from the red zone to green in two days at the Ranch!”
Rita Khagram Business Owner, Real Estate Investor, England,Kenya & India
Steve Huang
“The goals accomplished was exceeding 100 times of what I expected. It is like magic of crystal ball with happiness and wealth, it will let you own all you wanted to have!!”
Steve Huang General Manager, Taiwan
Laurel Johnson
“I unlocked a block that I have been trying to unlock on my own for 4 years….thank you for a week of magic. There is nothing like being in the right place at the right time with the right people.”
Laurel Johnson Business Entrepreneur, USA
Naiya Khagram
“The Ranch was a great experience and allowed me the space to learn about myself as well as the ability to understand how I can be at my best all the time with the processes that I was taught. It felt like a real mind body and spirit detox and I could not have thought of a better place to be. It gave me a great amount of clarity about why I may not be achieving the goals that I have and after having been there I am back on track to achieving my purpose. Ceil, David & Jeff were amazing, they have an enormous amount of knowledge which really helped me and they made me feel so comfortable. I look forward to going back again soon.”
Naiya Khagram Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, England
Jane Robertson
“Rosie and I have had another fabulous week of training, learning and making Green and Gold Zone connections. Processing is awesome and has transformed me and the way that I live my life over the past six years.”
Jane Robertson Teacher, Australia