LIFE and SKILLS Zone Profile Bundle

$ 197.00

Did you know you have already pre-established your future? Knowing what it is you are really trying to achieve can cause a tremendous upgrade in your focus and concentration. The LIFE (Beingness) and SKILLS (Doingness) Personal ZONES Profile Bundle often uncovers hidden abilities and strengths that are not being utilized.

Personal ZONES Profile Bundle includes a 1-hour Life Plan with an ACLC Coach, LIFE (Beingness) Analysis Graph, SKILLS (Doingness) Personal ZONES Profile, and one copy of The Secrets To Increasing Your Power, Wealth & Happiness book



Many people are fighting themselves, thus restraining their strengths, abilities, and power, often without knowing it.

The results of your Personal ZONES Profile can help you consolidate and utilize your strengths, abilities, and power by:

  • Showing you what you think of yourself and thus what you are projecting to others.
  • What results you are creating.
  • Many clients have caused tremendous upgrades in their lives just by recognizing what their results revealed.

These analysis graphs are based on 10,000’s hours of research and observation over many decades and are based on the training, coaching, and consulting of 10,000’s people.

This vast quantity of experience brought to view whole patterns of hidden behavior, often causing non-optimum results.

It revealed what is important and not important to achieving a successful, prosperous and happy life.

The way you answer these questions will give us a specific set of your viewpoints on these vital areas:

LIFE traits:


SKILL traits:



Benefits of the Life Analysis…

  • Find out the attitudes and habits that are pre-establishing your future.
    • Discover the positive traits that are moving you forward. We will find out how to make more of what is working.
    • Identify the exact events that are trapping your energy: upsets, shocks, conflicts from the past that are destroying your confidence.
  • Find out what you really think about yourself.
    • Are there nasty beliefs holding you back? (“I’m not worthy enough,” “I’m not good enough”)
  • Discover your strengths, abilities, and power that you are restraining and not utilizing.
    • Uncover hidden powers in the 6 areas of life measured.

Benefits of the Skills Analysis…

  • Find out how your viewpoints affect your interaction with other people, your relationships, and your work.
    • For example, one of our clients wasn’t aware that not communicating all with her business partner was making things slow down to a halt.
    • Another client wasn’t aware that he was still angry with an old supplier of something that happened years ago.
  • Find out how you’re really doing in life.
    • Find your levels of accomplishment and how to start getting better results.
    • Is what you are doing really affecting your results, or are you just “pretending.”
  • Discover your real-life strengths or weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths, vastly improving your future.

*INCLUDED: One-hour Personal ZONES Profile Life Plan with an ACLC Coach by phone who will go over your results with you and tell you exactly where you are, and help you see what you have to do to get to where you want to go.


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