FINANCIAL Personal ZONES Profile

$ 97.00

Knowing what outcomes you are really trying to achieve in life can cause a tremendous upgrade in your concentration and focus. The Financial (Havingness) Analysis Graph lays out what the outcomes are of your actions, intentions and perceptions.



Most people are fighting themselves, and thus restraining, their strengths, abilities and power without knowing it.

This analysis can help you consolidate and redirect what you are actually producing, and thus utilize your strengths, abilities and power by showing what is actually there.

Many people have caused tremendous upgrades in their life just by recognizing what this analysis graph revealed.

This analysis is the result of over fifty years of training and consulting hundreds of thousands of people and tens of thousands of hours of research and observation.

This vast quantity of experience brought to view whole patterns of behavior. It revealed what was important and what was not important to achieve a successful, healthier, wealthier and happier life.

This analysis gives you a profile of correct or incorrect actions that are a result of your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Your answers to these specialized questions creates a score in six different areas and this tells you what your mind-sets are, how they direct your actions, and their effects on these vital personal financial traits. From this your financial future can be predicted.

Benefits of the Financial Analysis

  • Your outcomes of your actions, intentions and perceptions
  • Get the picture of how you are or are not utilizing your capabilities and what your financial outcomes in the future will be
  • Discover your correct or incorrect actions that are the results of your knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Find out your mind-sets and how they direct your actions and effects on these vital personal financial fitness traits. From this your FINANCIAL future can be predicted


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