BODY Personal ZONES Profile

$ 497.00

Health is much more than simply the absence of symptoms. If said another way, simply being not sick is not the same as being healthy. Health goes beyond being symptom free to comprise optimum function of spirit, mind and body.



Only with these three components working in a state of harmony, ease and optimum function can a being truly achieve optimum health.

But if that is so, how can we measure this since many of our traditional methods of measuring health; blood work, body symptoms, x rays and lab reports are in fact actually ways to measure symptoms, disease and what is wrong with someone and fail totally to measure the positive attributes of health.

So how can we measure health?

What makes this Health (Body) Analysis Graph unique is it identifies, measures and quantifies where you are in relation to the 5 key components of health —Ease, Vitality, Healthy Eating, Aerobic and Fitness.

By understanding each of these key concepts and measuring where you are in relation to each, you will have a clear picture of what you are doing well, where your areas of improvement can be found and an accurate prediction of your future health potential.

Benefits of the Body Analysis.

  • Upgrade your health and well being by knowing what you are trying to achieve with your physical fitness
  • Identify the correct and incorrect actions you are doing as a result of your knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of nutrition and physical fitness
  • Find out your mind-sets, how they are directing your actions
  • Predict your physical fitness and well being



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