The purpose of our training is to help you increase your life abilities.

Having an ability means you can do something well.

Effective training increases your certainty and will allow you to direct your power more efficiently, create positive imagery and more positive futures.

Our training will give you the knowledge, techniques and skills to be able to consistently produce successful and winning results.

Life Enhancement Course Dates for 2017

June 17-19, 2017

September 16-18, 2017

December 9-11, 2017

There are two very, very fundamental capabilities that are at the heart of ALL life activities and goals. These two things are so absolutely and completely vital that, in their absence, a person is doomed to be a struggling mediocrity— at the very best!

These two things have continued to work in EVERY recession or depression that has occurred throughout history. They will continue to work in the times that lay ahead of us, as well.

These two things cannot be seen. They are quite invisible to most people who are not educated in the area, operating unseen but very effective in the background.

Now is your golden opportunity to learn the two things that can make or break anyone’s success in any pursuit.

If you are ambitious you must not miss this course.

After completing this two day course, you will have obtained the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understand the beginning steps to attaining excellent presence and how to hold a power position.
  • How to be in the right place at the right time. (Yes, it is possible to do so repeatedly –what is that worth?)
  • Understand how to develop strong, consistent and highly effective communication.
  • How to put in a truly magical and secret line that is the foundation of all awesome successes.
  • How to recognize and cause others to manifest “Green Zone Truth Phenomena.”Possibly the most vital perception and people handling skill you will ever learn.
  • How to approach and manage life as a process, and take it to a win!
  • How to free your attention and life force from past negativity and upsets, and reinvest it into your dreams and aspirations instead!
  • How to restore your ability to have unlimited reach!


Please call (+1-940-995-2054) or email us ([email protected]) for upcoming training dates and pricing.


Vital Fundamentals of Life Processing Dates for 2017 & 2018

June 17-25, 2017

September 16-24, 2017

December 9-17, 2017

March 17-25, 2018

June 16-24, 2018

September 16-24, 2018

December 8-16, 2018

How to create transformation for yourself and others.

The ability to unlock and redirect Life-force particles is the most important executive and people handling skill there is in the world today

-Alan C. Walter

The reasons why someone needs to learn and have processing skills.

It is the one skill you’d better have because,

no matter what you do, no matter who you see,

no matter where you go,

you are going to run into situations with people in front of you.

This is the one-on-one skill that allows you to handle people or make people better.

Now, if You want a better life, you have to make people better.

What people do you have to make better? The people you are connected too.

Hopefully, you can get a bunch of people around you and make them better and they make you better.

If you make people around you better, YOU get better.

Getting better is an achievable goal.

The vital skill needed to put you and your life back together again is taught on this course. Once you master it, you will master yourself and your life.

This course covers the basics of people handling and you will learn how to change people for the better using positive processes. You will acquire the skills that you can use to do this, no matter where you are.

Can you imagine being able to redirect a person’s attention out of the negative into the positive and to create a basic setup in life in order to win and succeed?

There is a natural progression with getting better and creating the life you want. The first step is to get training and processing for yourself so you can make your own life more successful.

Through the magic of releasing and realigning life force particles we can put ourselves ‘in the zone’, get what we want and the magic happens.

However, the true magic comes when we are able to take the next step, and get trained so we can help others do the same.

That is exactly the intention of this course, to teach you the vital fundamentals and skills of processing and life so you can knowingly release life force particles in yourself and others.

This is a very powerful technology. This is a very important course.

Please call (+1-940-995-2054) or email us ([email protected]) for upcoming training dates and pricing. This training course is for people who want to learn this amazing technology to help them self and others recover their Life-force and live better lives. It is also our Certification program and if you would like to use it commercially, you are invited to apply for a license.


Optimum Ascension Beingness Procedure Course


We accurately find, unlock and strip away the charge that has built up on these ascension, self-investigations, incorrect answers, and the resulting unwanted ways of being, doing, and having.

We can help you replace the incorrect intentions, visions, identities, and implementations with optimum intentions, visions, beingnesses, implementations and wanted results.

You recover your ability to produce and HAVE your wanted results.

All our clients who? have fully completed this course have produced huge increases in the amount and quality of relationships, love, connections, awarenesses, certainty, harmony, contacts, clients, living spaces, investments, income, places to go, games to play, and lives to live.

Could you be next?

Please call (+1-940-995-2054) or email us ([email protected]) for upcoming training dates and pricing.