The purpose of our training is to help you increase your life abilities.

Having an ability means you can do something well.

Effective training increases your certainty and will allow you to direct your power more efficiently, create positive imagery and more positive futures.

Our training will give you the knowledge, techniques and skills to be able to consistently produce successful and winning results.

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If you could learn Directly from The Personal Mindset Coach of Blair Singer, and his team, what would that be worth to you?

If you could Learn the Tools and Techniques She Uses To Coach These Highly Successful Entrepreneurs To Achieve The Highly Successful Results They Achieve, what would that be worth to you?

Ceil Stanford presents The Life Enhancement course Online.

You will be equipped with the Knowledge and skill to enable you to assist and process up-scale anybody you encounter who is willing to be helped.


Two very, very fundamental capabilities that are at the heart of ALL life activities and goals.

These two things are so absolutely and completely vital that, in their absence, a person is doomed to be a struggling mediocrity – at the very best!

These two things have continued to work in EVERY recession/depression that has occurred throughout history. They will continue to work in the times that lay ahead of us, as well.

These Two Things Cannot Be Seen – They Are Quite Invisible To Most Who Are Not Educated In The Area – Operating Unseen But Very Effectively In The Background.

Are You Ambitious?

Do You Want to Take Your Business to A Completely New Level?

Do You Want to Take Your Coaching to A Completely New Level?

Do You Want to Take Your Leadership to A New Dimension?

Do You Want to Take Your Ability to Communicate With People to A New Realm?

If You Answered Yes to Any Of The Above………..You Can Not Afford to Miss The Life Enhancement Program!

After completing this two day course, you will have obtained the following knowledge and skills:

• Understand the beginning steps to attaining excellent presence and
how to hold a power position.
• How to be in the right place at the right time. (Yes, it is possible to do
so repeatedly – what is that worth?)
• Understand how to develop strong, consistent and highly effective communication.
• How to put in a truly magical and secret line that is the foundation of all awesome successes.
• How to recognize and cause others to manifest “Green Zone Truth
Phenomena.” Possibly the most vital perception and people handling skill you will ever learn.
• How to approach and manage life as a process and take it to a win!
• How to free your attention and life force from past negativity and upsets and reinvest it into your dreams and aspirations instead!
• How to restore your ability to have unlimited reach!

Life Enhancement Course

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The Life Enhancement
Lead Trainer

Ceil Stanford, is a leader, role model, and elite life and executive coach who can help bring out your inner champion so you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

She has traveled and spoken on stages around the world with Kim Kiyosaki and the Rich Women team and is a mindset coach to Robert and a number of his Advisors.  Ceil inspires business leaders, athletes, and others to tap into their inner champion and excel in every area of life.

Over the past decade, she has trained and coached 1000’s of individuals and 100’s of teams from around the world and enables them to create significantly different results in their lives. She has delivered coaching, seminars, and training courses in London, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, India, Thailand, Sweden, Estonia, Brazil, Finland, and various US states.

Before embracing her own life’s dream in 2004 with the ACLC, Ceil fulfilled a successful 19-year managerial career in the U.S. corporate sector.