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How Life-Force Particles Are Trapped and Lost

As an example, imagine this is the flow of the river of your life. Let us hypothesize that you came into this life with 2,000,000 positive life-force particles available.


2,000,000 Prenatal 
– 269,500 Age 2 Birth Your birth is traumatic. 
– 117,500 Ages 3 You have many childhood and 4 sicknesses.
– 31,400 Age 5 First day of school: you are laughed at by the other kids because of your funny name and physique.
– 48,800 Age 6 Your parents move; you lose all your close friends.
174,900 Age 11 You repeat the 5th grade.
44,600 Age 12 You hate school and are treated as an outsider.
47,550 Age 14 You fail at basketball.
74,000 Age 15 You get caught stealing money.
62,250 Age 16 You get caught peeping in the window of the shower room in the girls’gym.
78,500 Age 16 You get cut from high school basketball team,crushing your dreams of being a basketball star.
69,000 Age 18 You fail algebra.
397,400 Age 21 Broken love affair; a major Paradigm Crash.
74,200 Age 22 Your lack of life-force particles reduces your intelligence, awareness, and energy. You fail two subjects in college.
170,200 Age 23 Applying for a job, you are turned down by numerous companies before one hires you. You end up in a job you didn’t really want.
28,000 Age 26 You get into a serious car accident with injuries.
27,720 Age 27 Stress and incompetence at work cause you to make costly mistakes; you get demoted.
108,350 Age 29 Second failed love affair.
142,245 Age 34 Four years of a love/hate dependency marriage that ends in a bitter divorce.
28,685 Age 34 Your job performance and mood level drops even lower; you get fired.
5,195 Age 35 In order to survive, you compromise your goals and accept a lower-paying, mundane job, working at something you don’t like. You are very depressed; life is not fun any more.
5 Age 35 You now have only five positive life-force particles left. You are operating mostly on automatic, unknown, survival paradigms.

Life Force Particle Recovery Coaching

life-particlesLife-Force Particle Recovery Coaching is the fastest and most direct method for releasing trapped life-force particles.

The basis of Life-Force Particle Recovery Coaching is finding and releasing life-force particles stuck in past, present and future situations.

The focusing of available positive life-force particles gives you concentration and horsepower.

The larger the quantity of life-force particles you can focus, the more powerful and alive you are and the more powerful is your ability to concentrate.

The recovery and positive realignment of life-force particles would mean a gain in awareness, a gain in attention, a gain in the ability to get and have knowledge, increased memory, more powerful intentions and visions that manifest themselves faster and more accurately in the physical universe.

It means a more dynamic level of energy, aligned polarities, and magnetism that has the ability to attract the right people and things in the right time and in the right places.

It enables a person to maintain a higher cause level over his or her life and operate at a much higher mood level, and loving and being loved by many.

One also would have a greatly increased level of intelligence, allowing that person to live a much smarter, more successful life.


The PERSONAL ZONES PROFILE will help you identify and understand who you are, what you are, what game you are playing, and what your future success potential will be.

Your level of success, prosperity, and happiness and the quality of your relationships depend on what Zone you are in. The ability to understand the Zones, their attributes and behavior will give you a tremendous advantage in your games of life.

Powerful, successful, prosperous and happy people choose the most optimum, worthwhile life games to play. They don’t waste their time trying to reinvent the wheel, they look for proven systems and strategies.

Invest in yourself and save months or years of your time and energy by completing your PERSONAL ZONES PROFILE

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Definitions of the four major ZONES OF LIFE:

You are at cause over life-force particles and time, space, objects, people, places, events, subjects, motions, whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, and moods with responsibility and ownership.

You have probably experienced times when you could do no wrong.

Golfers have said it was as though the golf ball was on a beam and the hole was the size of the Grand Canyon.

The quarterback seems to have all day to throw the ball, or the running back seems to be like lightening and the defense is in slow motion.

Salesmen hit pockets of sales and can increase their income 100 times.

All have entered the Golden Magic Zone.

You have vast quantities of free and positive life-force particles.(Life-force particles can be defined as fragments of the life-force (energy) known as YOU. Therefore, your power and energy levels (moods) are determined by the quantity of life-force particles you have available.)

FUTURE POTENTIAL: Anyway You want it, that does the greatest good for the greatest number.

This is someone who is in the right place at the right time, making things go right.

This person is living their dream, connected to the right whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, whys, subjects, patterns, and intentions, and has high mood levels, correct orders of importance, and accurate estimations of value.

They are knowledgeable about subjects and things; have high people, communication, and life skills, and operate on knowledge and truth.

They positively guide and direct communication, resulting in them being happy, healthy, wealthy and successful.

They observe, evaluate, and operate, using the correct orders of importance.

The majority of this person’s life urges are in the Green Zone.  This person has an abundance of positive life-force particles.

A Green Zoner knows the value of a life-force particle is the same as the value of an ounce of gold.

FUTURE POTENTIAL: Excellent.  Very successful, prosperous, and happy.  The Green Zoner is able to continuously put self in the right place at the right time.  Is continuously playing the right game at the right time.

This is the “daily grind” or “rut” where the person doesn’t take risks but works only for security.

The Yellow Zoner has good subject skills, but poor people handling and communication skills are the norm.  They operate on preconceived beliefs in the conservative comfort zone and are often bored.

This person tends to generalize the who, what, where, when, hows, whys of life, and inaccurately manifests real moods.  They operate mostly on automatic, directing the flows of life-force with preconceived ideas and habits.

The Yellow Zoner is not sure of what is important and what is not important.

Some of the Yellow Zoner’s life urges, such as handling things, places, and subjects are in the Green Zone; some — relationships, career, family, sex, and handling people — are in the Red Zone.

This person has very few positive life-force particles available.

The Yellow Zoner constantly devalues the worth of life-force particles until they cease to have value, or cease to have value under their control.

FUTURE POTENTIAL: Mediocre.  Has some small successes.  They will have trouble handling the massive changes of the future.  They are playing mediocre games.

This is someone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, connected to the wrong whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows, and whys.

They are engaged in doing the wrong actions and using the wrong intentions at a very low mood level.

They have poor or destructive people handling and communication skills, and distrust of people is prevalent.

Wrong data, fixed ideas, prejudices, and the use of knowledge as a weapon abound.

This person constantly fights positive flows of force, thereby causing turmoil and negative diversions.

This creates opposition and attacks; thus there is no happiness, no money, no space, no time, but lots of failures.

They make the important unimportant and the unimportant important.

A major portion of life urges, such as relationships, careers, associations, family, sex, people, places, things, and subjects, and the person’s ability to handle time and space are in the Red Zone.

All of this person’s life-force particles have become negative, being trapped in past, unwanted experiences.

At the Red Zone level, life-force particles are completely unreal and worthless.

A Red Zoner is in complete denial and will oppose anyone who attempts to make them aware that life-force particles exist and have value.

FUTURE POTENTIAL: Disastrous.  There is failure, poverty, and unhappiness because they are continuously playing the wrong games in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.


  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to leading a better life.
  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to attaining your dreams.
  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to upgrading your wealth.
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  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to breaking down and erasing your poverty mindsets.
  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to controlling your life.
  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to building an ever expanding, stable frame of reference with which you can continuously grow better and more capable.
  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to expanding your spheres of influences.
  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to becoming a center of influence.
  • The Zones are the gradient pathway to your higher self.